Alive At Last

by YungJZAisDead

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~You're The Angel Standing By My Side~

ColdWorldGang #SBSG
天使の翼 / / COLD世界


S u i c i d e / / P u r i t y




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KidArjuna2k // LilBleachedThought$ California

YungJZAisDead // Lil Bleached Thought$ // KidArjuna2k

You will always haunt my memory forever. You remind me why the world is so cold. #ColdWorldGang

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Track Name: YungJZAisDead - She Said(Prod. by John Madden)
she said, "yeah bb i like that"//$40 on the nightstand
flexin all night yeah//im waiting for you
she said, "meet me at the front door im waiting on yr fron porch all night"

I said, "bb come back"//yeah, i need you like that
come home and fuck me all night// i need you more than all time
i need you just this one time//wait for me in the after life
bb tell me its alright//we could live forever and never die
we could I swear
(i miss you like every night I need you more than one time)
we could i swear
(i hate myself all the time when yr gone)
Track Name: YungJZAisDead - When You're Gone(Prod. by Fleance)
all i wanna do is see you//3ds vision(@Mokegod)
lonely in existance
touching in the dark//i was waiting for yr kisses
tell me it's okay
when yr gone
baby im lost
without yr touch
ive felt cold and numb

i cant feel shit//slits all on my wrists
broken, leave me unfixed//i always hate this
i was dead inside before it started
your touch left me broken hearted
im sorry
Track Name: YungJZAisDead x Joshrefe - Cyber Angel(Prod. by TreyScarlet)
waiting for our time//for our time
let me die tonight//die tonight
im counting all the ways it breaks me down
when you are gone
I was waiting for a time//for a time
when yr hand would rest in mine

waiting for a time//for time
let me die tonight//die tonight
ive been waiting for a night like this
break my heart with one last kiss
tell me all yr secrets
whisper right to me across the pillow softly
tell me everything you take to yr grave
tell me everything that'll haunt me
whisper every word//bb let me in
i wanna drown in the person you are inside

i remember moments when i said everything while looking at yr eyes
i spoke and reminisced on times when you were mine
and now it seems that im standing at the end of the longest line(@NOFXband)
and you know i know ive gotten on yr last nerves
but i think ive gotten all that i deserve
so it seems theres nothing i can do
until then ill be waiting for you

cyber angel when she logs on
she used to text and say, "moms gone ;)"
we feel in luv in the spring time
and tried to kill ourselves in the mean time
Track Name: SK x YungJZAisDead - Zero(Prod. by Glitter)
i think im Yung JZA(@Camp22) 'cause i wanna die
but its always good to see another sun rise
i feel so high off the kush smoke
but i feel like im living in a cold world(@ColdWorldGang)
mind steady lookin like a whirlpool
but its no secret that i want you
i think im ???? 'cause i got hella thoughts
wait 'til you see me get my name up
i think im depressed cause i cashed out
i came to the function then smashed out
i think im mokegod(@MokeGodSBSG) cause im high as a kite now
im looking for the words 'cause i cant explain right now
right now, she said she wanna do it right now
I think im myself(@SK_SBSG) cause i can't sleep at night now
all she wanna do is fuss and fight now
says words quicker than how i turn the lights out
Lvl. 10 shawty im a dream goon(@DREAMMOBB)
but i cant take it anymore
i hate this world but i like you
yr an angel but hell is where i reside
my own thoughts plottin against me
I think i got a demon inside
if you wanna take that ride you can be by my side
but i gotta ask you one thing, are you really down to die?
are you down to be mine?
im at the top of the mountain with a blunt lit bb so can you make that climb
human emotions, theyre so divine
blood stains on me like wine
i cant stop lookin at the clock like,
when will it be my time?

you are the only words that never hurt to hear

it nvr feels real when we touch
i just want you to tell me im enough
and maybe this is how it feels to fall in love
or maybe how it feels when everything is gone
im writing you forever bb
missed calls bb call me back
ive got $100 on the nightstand
for the train ticket going there and back
im waiting for you in the dead of night
in the graveyard where i left my heart
from the last time that i felt it snap
i felt it break into a hundred shards
ashes falling from yr cigarette
its friday night but im feeling dead
we were party hoppin' out in college town
but you were on my mind and waiting in my bed
i just wanna call you when im home
and tell you everything about my life
and tell you about my friends in L.A.
and how quietly im broken inside
and how i never wanna act tough again
and how i never wanna scream when im upset
and how you were staring at my lips with lust in yr eyes and i felt blessed
and i was broken when i met you
and i break a little more every time you leave
this is me with my heart on my sleeve
bb you are every breath that ill ever breathe
bb come and be my disease
Track Name: Joshrefe x Cold Hart - Her Nickasaur! Shirt(Prod. by Yung JZA)
im in L.A. at the Medic Droid show
and sold all my clothes
and yr lip ring cut into my throat
when you sang along to songs we know

her Nickasaur!(@nickasaur) shirt//her long blonde hair
patches were sown on every where
she listens to Life Lover all night
and has every album by Hold Tight!(
she never asks me for a thing
'cause shes cashing out right next to me
and she's my post-emo girl
let me live in our own digipunk world

bb you aint ever goin home
digirave girl raving all night long
The Devil Wears Prada t-shirt on me
she an emo girl but she likes Gucci
so NeverShoutNever! 'cause ill always be there
and we gon' flex anywhere 'cause we dont care
do you wanna come over, watch Invader Zim?
put yr body on mine make the lights go dim
i swear to god i wont stop 'til yr shakin bb
Track Name: YungJZAisDead x Yung Xela - All That I Miss(Prod. by John Madden & Brobak)
see me quiet and lonely in the back of the room
see me waiting all night girl i was waiting for you
and when forever is over ill be standing right here
because im missing yr touch every time you arent here
and its not all the time that i start feeling like this
i just wanna start over i dont wanna exist
and without im worthless and yr touch is my bliss
and when everyone else goes you'll be all that I miss
Track Name: YungJZAisDead - Okay Freestyle(Prod. by Behange Simao)