You're Safe With Me

by YungJZAisDead

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Lil Bleached Thought$

My Heart Bleeds The Darkest Blood

2015 YungJZAisDead

S u i c i d e / / P u r i t y #SBSG




all rights reserved


KidArjuna2k // LilBleachedThought$ California

YungJZAisDead // Lil Bleached Thought$ // KidArjuna2k

You will always haunt my memory forever. You remind me why the world is so cold. #ColdWorldGang

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Track Name: YungJZAisDead - Broken Dreams(Prod. by ManiaOnTheTrack & Yung JZA)
girl I dont know whatchu do
I just wish you break my heart one last time
i swear that we are floating
floating in my broken dreams of you
you break me

808 make the trunk bleed
sippin 2 cups, ___________
noose tied tight so I can't breathe
I only bleed ____ so I cant feel a thing
i aint know whatchu do but you break me
you make me hate me//you make heart need
you make my heart bleed inside
i wish i could feel something tonight

please keep me warm
its so cold 2nite
i wish i was by your side

sippin 2 cups of midnight
ocean full of dreams//drown me tonight
bay full of tears//flexin sippin sprite
SBSG(@ColdWorldGang) and ill die blind
i wanna fucking die everyday
its so cold inside without you
im so destroyed inside
bleed until I die

please keep me warm
Track Name: YungJZAisDead - Bleached Thoughts(ft. SupaSortahuman)(Prod. by Tristan Krause)
we gon' turn up 2nite
heart left cold like ice
i see your face in the night
we could bleach our thoughts 2nite
do you wanna?

bruh, all my hoes multiply like Kuriboh
bitch you know im trappin like Mirror Force
2 things of voss plus im sippin __
millenium puzzle just to match my gold
you can see me rollin ____________
sippin on some ____ so i cant feel a thing
life points on zero//fuck a broken heart
finna ____ so hard im hittin up the stars
and i cant see you when im dead inside
we can bleach our thoughts 2nite
do you wanna?

would you still ride for me?
girl would you die for me?
do you wanna?
would you still put on for me?
would you answer honestly?
do you wanna?
Track Name: Macboi Æternal x YungJZAisDead - Castles In The Stars(Prod. by Õçëåñs Elëvëñ & Yung JZA)
i cant breathe in this house
my goons smokin' on loud
my tears on the ground
my heart makin me drown
my bitch just broke my heart
got castles in the stars
pain all on my heart
at least its in the dark

this stuff never comes easy
Track Name: YungJZAisDead - Buy U A Drank(ft. Derek Dean & P2TheGoldMa$k)(Prod. by Õçëåñs Elëvëñ)
shawty whatchu sippin on?
i can buy u a drank or 2 2nite

i be dead inside//sippin purple skies
join me in death//die in my arms 2nite
i be on the scene//take me to my dreams
XOXO shawty, you can be my prom queen
sippin ___ with the ____//fallen angel lost her wings
blood on the white tee//____ on the leaves
sippin _______//fuck with my team
#SBSG(@ColdWorldGang) bitch even in my dreams
Track Name: YungJZAisDead x DrippinSoPretty x Burger - Plottin' On Me(Prod. by Yung JZA)
i swear she plottin' on me//said she could nvr trust me
'cause it's gang over she and she aint what i need
i swear she plottin' on me when im out with my team(@ColdWorldGang)
she be snitchin' lowkew and thats that shit that I don't need
i swear she plottin' on me

she calling on my phone
i told that bitch leave me alone.oh I know.
can't you see that Audi sitting on chrome?
when her man leaves I enter her home(oh I know)
got a new girl from El Salvador
my old hoe cryin' knockin' on my door
i used to fuck that bitch on marble floor i know
i used to like it but now I think i'm bored
she calling on my cell
i'm doing fine bitch, can't you tell?
flexin on me I can't see you off them drugs

shawty plottin' on me//i think she tryna front
im laughing in her face bitch//light my blunt
she got on Michael Kors//i swear she tryna stunt
now i'm all alone in the foreign crackin' up
another fufu bitch i've had enough
fake trap queen with a love for double cups
now she hella mad 'cause my money 'boutta double up
seen a bad bitch she nothin' but trouble bruh
she just wanna call me, I think I'm drake(@champagnepapi)
im comin' up and thats all me
bitch ill never luv u like i luv Versace
I swear she plottin' on me
Track Name: YungJZAisDead - Touching In The Dark(ft. TrippyThaKid)(Prod. by Yung JZA)
bb when im drowning in yr arms i stop breathing
every time i sleep alone i can feel you there
drown me in everything we could've been
i swear that i deserve this
i swear you dont deserve it, im hurting but i do

ive been poppin 2 more ____
dead inside left in pieces on the sand
see my broken heart thuggin out the trap
my heart left cold//its all black on me
every time i sleep i feel you next to me
every word you say is always breaking me
yr just an apparition that was here with me
i remember when you said, "Just drown in me."
i wanna die inside yr arms
where im safe at home and nothing hurts

yes im drowning
without you im drowning
and with you im proud to happy
something about you just grabbed me//stuck in my head and im drowning
only with you when im happy//happiness never felt so good
happiness never felt this real//loving the feeling of this feel
starting to think that you dont feel the same way that we first were
i havent done nothing wrong to you
im drowning//im falling//im dying//im gone
Track Name: YungJZAisDead - Dark Magician Girl(Prod. by Yung JZA)
i be Lvl. 10 like Winged Kuriboh
she my Dark Magician Girl i'm in love tho
im the Dark Magician of her anime dreams
she my Dark Magician Girl every day
she is my Dark Magician Girl. <3

ive been Lvl. 10 like I was kuriboh
7 star shawty you can be my hoe
I think Eternal Rest sounds like heaven tho..
you're my everything//I just wanted you to know.
I look like Wingweaver 'cause I'm beautiful
I think I'm in heaven hoe it's rainin' gold
ima trap master like I was Jinzo
use Monster Reborn on my broken heart
give me life points just to match the stars

are you my dark magician girl?
in my duel monsters world?
i wanna fly with you
on my Blue Eyes(White Dragon) girl..
be my everything//girl be my everything
ill give holographic cards but not a wedding ring
ill tell you all my traps you'll win every time
If you lost your life points I would give you mine
Track Name: Cold Hart x YungJZAisDead - Foreign Color Rain Blue(Prod. by Yung JZA)
Im in the club and my phone dead//bb wont you come thru
and when im on my own babe I want you to come too
yeah wont you come thru, FCRB// shawty on one and im on one too
smokin in the club got my eyes on you//shawty so cute shes my 02 too

damn i spent up all dem bands//tryna get em back
bb im the night cause my fit all black
she sendin me emojis and i cant text back
gettin to this money and ill be right back
Im in the club and my phone dead//bb wont you come thru
and when im on my own babe I want you to come too
FCRB// got my eyes on you
shawty so cute she the 02 too
i swear you got it like that//got it like that
once she comes with me she aint ever goin' back

bb cum thru in yr all black lipstick
smokin' on thraxx(@thraxxhouse) like she on some L.A. shit
rain drop foreign//this like shit, i hate it
i just wanna fall in luv right here in this basement
yr eyes on me//when your next to me it's crazy
yr touch is amazing//ive been needin that shit lately
i think im SK(@SK_SBSG) 'cause I need you//girl you make me
yr my 02 bb//make everything okay
i just wanna feel something 2nite//when we're underneath these lights
lets rave away the night//yr my 02 and thats the only thing that's right
Track Name: YungJZAisDead x Yung Xela - I Bleed Lean(Too Much)(Prod. by Yung JZA)
lemme hit my goons and my thugs boi
smokin on gas//sippin mud boi
seein visions in the sky//cryin blood boi
flip phone for the trap//im the plug boi
blood in my cup, i might _____ too much
blood in my lungs

trap corporation//i got the interns
sittin in the spot//i let them serve
flip phone chirp chirp man, i need work
sittin with a pack waiting on a return
they do it free just for me but i look out
feed my whole team so we all fuckin full now
trap stacked up//niggas waitin in a full house
one gets fucked//b4 i cum im gonna pull out
Track Name: YungJZAisDead - Waiting Here For You(ft. BxbNvrley1000)(Prod. by Yung JZA)
boi you know im flexin on you
you say you aint see it, but i got bitches
i heard her say it//she said, "I want you"
i said, "I see you but these hoes deceiving."
so im waiting for you
hearts end up broken every time
but ima wait here for everynight
Track Name: YungJZAisDead - Ghost On The Dance Floor(Prod. by Yung JZA)
yr the only thing worth missin
i see you every night in every vision
these pictures of you leave me defeated
but maybe sometimes you feel the same
and maybe this gets to you
and i know it feels yr alone
but im the ghost on the dancefloor
im right beside you even when im nowhere to be found

if you wanna talk i swear we can solve our problems
ill meet you in my nightmares if you will haunt them
and your angel of my dreams when yr inside them
i just need yr touch 2nite

i cannot sleep without you(i feel the wind pick around you)
im floating on another world with you i swear yr magic
just know ill be here no matter what happens
i swear i miss you//yr the only thing that makes me care anymore